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Our Story

Ayna (أين) is the proper Arabic word for “where”, the inspiration behind our brand. Our hope is to inspire travel, diversity, and unity through our hijab collections. We want to see #WhereInTheWorld your AYNA Hijab has taken you.

Hijabs are an essential piece in any modest outfit. While traveling, it's hard to pick which of your favorites to take with you, so we've done the legwork to pick the perfect everyday hijab on the go. These colors and styles are meant to be the neutral & timeless, making them the perfect travel accessory to go wherever your travels may take you.

ayna neutral luxury travel hijabs detroit michigan

QUALITY: Our scarves are hemmed by hand and use only the best quality of fabric. Most of our current collection consists of Chiffon, but with enough texture to keep any annoying slips that may occur. 

COMFORT: Breathable scarves are a must. We've focused on keeping our current collection stocked with hijabs that will last all day long. You'll forget it's there until you pass yourself in a mirror.  

VERSATILITY: You might  not be traveling everyday, but no worries! These scarves are meant to go along with any outfit in your wardrobe. Whether you're roaming the desert or roaming the office, we've got you covered.